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Tank Set Up Tutorial

for bee shrimp

Step 1:

Cover the bottom of the tank with MORE Nature Soil (approx. 5 cm) and sprinkle Magic Powder evenly over soil.

Step 2:

Fill water into the tank and add adequate amount of Purify (200 ml Purify per 100 L water).

Step 3:

Put a proper size of Vitality into the tank.

Step 4:

At the initial stage, pour Purify every 10 – 15 days. (200 ml Purify per 100 L water).
Add Bing Tsau Fertilizer ST (2 ml per 10 L water) every 2-3 days to fasten growth of algae in the tank.

Step 5:

Change a half water of the tank when it turned cleaner (normally takes 2-3 weeks).

Step 6:

Add Blue Wizard Green to adjust the GH and TDS.
Recommend value: GH 2-4, TDS 100-120 ppm.

Step 7:

Start to have shrimps in the tank.

Tank Maintenance

Water condition in the tank should be maintained regularly to avoid death of shrimps. It is suggested that change a quarter of water every week. Add adequate amount of Purify, Vitality and Bing Tsau Fertilizer ST to keep water in ideal condition.

1. Purify: add 10 ml per 100 L water.

2. Bing Tsau Fertilizer ST: add 2 ml per 10 L water every 2-3 days.

Daily Feeding

Take turns using MORE Feeds (favor: vegetable, white, snow, meat), MORE Baby Feed and Magic Powder to provide shrimps and shrimplets enough nutrition and improve growth, brighten color, and raise breeding rate.

Feed 2-3 times a day with the amount which shrimps can finish eating within 1-2 hours.