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Bing Tsau v2

Bing Tsau Phosphorus

Bing Tsau Phosphorus

Nitrate free Phosphorus macro nutrition.


Phosphorus is a macro nutrition resources for the proper growth and photosynthesis of aquatic plants. The plants will appear stunted and turning dark green when suffering from phosphorus deficiency.
Bing Tsau Phosphorus’s nitrate free formula provides multiple high quality phosphates to plants that can be quickly absorbed by plants and enhance the growth without safety concern.

  • 1. Usual maintenance: 2mL for every 100 Liters of water twice a week.

  • 2. Each Press: 2mL

  • 3. Add half of recommended amount when starting a new aquarium till the stable growth is seen.

  • 4. Totally compatible with other aquarium fertilizer, but should reduce the dosage.

  • Volume:
    250mL, 500mL.