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Bing Tsau v2

Bing Tsau Nitrogen

Bing Tsau Nitrogen

Provides high quality and well balanced nitrogen to plants.


Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrition resources required by plants. Nitrogen deficiency will cause yellow leaves and stunted growth.
This product provides high quality and well balanced nitrogen to plants.
The macro nutrient can be quickly absorbed by plants. It can help growth and prevents yellow leaves.
(* This product does not contain phosphorus and potassium.)

  • 1. 2mL for 100L of water, twice a week.

  • 2. Each press: 2mL.

  • 3. Add half usage amount when starting a new planted aquarium.
    Increase dosage when the plants have stable growth.

  • 4. Totally compatible with other aquarium fertilizer, but should reduce the dosage.

  • Volume:
    150mL ,250mL, 500mL.