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MORE TM-1 Nutrients

MORE TM-1 Nutrients

for Shrimp

Rich trace elements that improves immunity & spawning.


This product is a complex nutrient solution, containing a variety of rich trace elements. TM-1 Nutrient Solution can reduce the toxicity of the metal ion of harm plants, and increase the ability of plants to absorb nutrients, and decompose harmful substances of seabed. Shrimp will be enhanced with better immunity, spawning and good results in growth and color display.

  • 1. Regular maintenance: 20L of water add 10mL, every week.

  • 2. When changing water: Each 10L of new water add 2mL.

  • 3. New tank setup: You can add in the black soil, 1L of soil add 4mL.

  • Volume:
    250mL, 500mL