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MORE Stabilizer

MORE Stabilizer

for Fish

Remove chlorine, chloramine & heavy metals from water.


All-in-one Stabilizer is a requisite product for new tank setup and water quality maintenance. It can effectively remove Chlorine (Cl2) and Chloramine (NH2Cl) from water. EDTA is specially added as chelator to lower density of heavy metal ion, helping aquatic animals adapt to new environment, ease intensity and simultaneously raise survival rate. Apply to freshwater and seawater, all kinds of fish tank, shrimp tank and aquarium planted tank.

  • 1. Daily maintenance or water change: Add 25 mL per 250 liters of water.

  • 2. New tank setup: Double the dosage.

  • 3. In high density of NO2 and NO3 environment: Add 5 times dosage than daily maintenance.

  • Volume:
    250mL, 500mL