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MORE KH Conditioner

MORE KH Conditioner

for Fish & Shrimp

Prevents the pH dropping or changing sharply.


This product contains unique formula which can reduce the oscillation during water change. The high quality minerals and electrolytes can prevent pH dropping or changing sharply. Various essential minerals for water creatures help shrimp molting and improve metabolism. High quality trace elements can increase pigmentation, which will brighten the color and improve the survival rate. Adjusted for neutral freshwater creatures, apply to Sulawesi Shrimp, Neocaridina, Arowana, Blood Parrot, African Cichlids, Guppy, Goldfish and Tetra Fish.

  • 1. Please measure the KH value in tank correctly before using.

  • 2. 2mL in 10 liters of water will raise 2°dH.

  • 3. If overdose, please add RO water into tank to dilute.

  • Volume:
    250mL, 500mL