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MORE Pacman

MORE Pacman Food

Powder Frog Food

Complete nutrition for frog.


MORE Pacman Frog Food is made from fine grinded powder without artificial thickener. It contains complete nutrition such as protein, multiple enzyme, vitamins and minerals. This convenient food can be a replacement for insects and rodents as staple food for juvenile and adult frogs. Accessories: 0.5g feeding spoon.

  • 1. Each spoon mix with half spoon of water.

  • 2. Knead the mixture into small ball and use tweezer to feed.

  • 3. Recommended feeding size:
  • Juvenile - 1/3 the size of their mouth.
  • Adult - 1/2 the size of their mouth.

  • 4. If the frog does not eat feed, try rubbing around the mouth (to stimulate appetite)

  • Volume: 60g, 120g