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Milione Bacteria Powder

Milione Bacteria Powder

High Density Bacteria Powder

Product for setting up new planted shrimp tank which can improve substrate environment for plant root.


This product contains hyphomycetes and heat resistance yeast, they are implanted to diatomite by our unique technology.Each gram contains 5 million bacteria. It can build biological ecosystem, reduce nitrite and shorten setup time when start new tank.Using this product for regular maintenance can decompose organic waste, reduce odor smell, resist algae growth and eutrophication.For aquarium plant, it can enhance root growth and nutrient absorbing.For shrimp, it can increase digestion efficiency, immunity, shell color and shrimplet growth.

  • 1. When set up new tank:
    Sprinkle Milione evenly over soil.

  • 2. Regular maintenance:
    Add 1 spoon per liter of water (old water).

  • 3. Remove odor smell:
    Double the dosages, odor smell will be removed in 7-15 days.

  • Specification: 70g, 200g.